[kwlug-disc] What's the best desktop distribution?

William Park opengeometry at yahoo.ca
Wed Feb 3 20:23:38 EST 2010

On Tue, Feb 02, 2010 at 08:21:08AM -0500, Adam Glauser wrote:
> William Park wrote:
> >    - Slackare uses 'tar.xz' (was: 'tar.gz') as container.  It usually
> >      has a script to do things after extracting the tarball, mostly
> >      creating symlinks.  This is simple, fast, transparent, and robust.
> >      Again, an order of magnitude faster than other distro, in terms of
> >      cpu time and user time.
> >
> >    - Slackware depends less on online depository.  So, you download
> >      original source, compile, install to DESTDIR, make ".txz" package,
> >      and finally install to system.  You can install directly into
> >      system after compiling, but that would make uninstalling
> >      difficult.  Slackware has no "dependency" issue, at all.  Again,
> >      saving me time.
> The thing I like most about Debian and its kin is the repository. 
> Having one mechanism to manage security patches to packages is the 
> killer app for Linux over Windows as far as I am concerned.  This 
> probably applies to the Red Hat family now too, given the advent of yum.
> How does Slackware approach this problem, if at all?

All Linux distros and Windows have their own way of updates.  Of Linux
distro, Slackware deviates from the Unix "norm" the least.

But, when you say "killer apps for Linux over Windows", are you saying
that Windows doesn't have standard mechanism for updates?  I'm a Linux
guy, but we gotta get over this Windows-bashing...


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