[kwlug-disc] Best Server Distribution??

john at netdirect.ca john at netdirect.ca
Wed Feb 3 13:07:29 EST 2010

kwlug-disc-bounces at kwlug.org wrote on 02/03/2010 12:46:20 PM:
> Hopefully I am doing this correctly <first post/reply newbie>.
> First of all, thanks to everyone for the great info. It is exciting 
> to see so much support.
> If I understand correctly, Outlook will not connect to a Linux mail 
server? :(

Outlook can be used to connect to Linux mail servers. Typically Linux is 
configured with POP3 or IMAP mail delivery. You may be accustom to using 
POP3 since you are most likely using this for your home email. IMAP also 
works, just not quite as well, probably because it threatens Exchange.

If your email needs are not too complex a Linux server can work quite well 
for you. If you stay with POP3 you can keep using Outlook as it's quite 
useful in that regard. If you want to use IMAP you should move to another 
client, like Thunderbird. POP3 deletes email when your client retrieves it 
but IMAP keeps the email on the server. So using IMAP means that two 
people can share a mailbox and both will be able to see changes, or a user 
can use a web interface while out of the office to access his/her email. 
There are other reasons for using IMAP but those are the two big ones.

If you are using a more complex feature set of Exchange, like calendaring, 
there are options like iCal and Sunbird which can provide shared calendar 
access. Shared contacts are handled by openLDAP.

If you want a drop-in replacement for Exchange there are a few options, 
but all require some software license. We work with those too.
> Also, I will be calling NetDirect. They obviously have a great rep.
Thanks. We'd be glad to help. And thanks for those that put in a good word 
for us, I appreciate it.

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