[kwlug-disc] Best Server Distribution??

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Tue Feb 2 23:24:50 EST 2010

The "which distro" decision will be driven by which vendor he will partner
to get hardware and support. If he prefers (say Debian), but the vendor
only RedHat or SuSE, then he is better off going with what the vendor will
rather than personal preference that will leave him without support.

For patching, "easier", "less painful", ...etc. are all subjective, and
remember: it
mostly affects him (the IT guy). The owner has to see some numbers in order
to buy into the change and push for it with the users. It has to come down
"we will spend initially X, then save Y over N years if we do this". The
figure has
to be tangible and not just "better", "easier", ...etc.

I would love him to move to Linux, and would love him to use Ubuntu Server
Edition, because that is where my experience (a.k.a. bias?) lies. But in the

end, it is someone else's business, and large enough to affect many more
people than an office with a handful of people. Therefore a rigorous
process has to be employed (tangible benefits in dollars, partner to be
impact on end users, migration planning, ...etc.)
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