[kwlug-disc] What's the best desktop distribution?

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 1 23:34:13 EST 2010

Actually, Sometimes "what is the best distro?" gets confused with "which distro do I prefer". I'd say I'm guilty of that sometimes.

But to new users who just need it to work with the least amount of tinkering, I recommend Ubuntu even though I don't consider it the "best".

If support and integration with Windows environments is important, then SuSE.

It is really unfortunate that RedHat decided not to produce a desktop environment to match the server but it is an understandable decision.

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> While "which distro is the best"
> feels initially like a flame bait thing, it doesn't have
> to be that. Even a discussion on religion can be
> informative, intellectual and entertaining if conducted with
> certain rules (e.g. with civility, comparative religion type
> of thing).
> The key here is to qualify "best" with "what
> the user needs/what the use-case is" and "why
> distro X is better" for such needs/use case.
> Ubuntu/Kubuntu was targeted to provide an easy to use and
> easy to keep up to date desktop from the get go. Their
> community bans the otherwise customary "don't waste
> my time, RTFM". They provide stable long term support
> versions for those who want to use their desktop as a means
> for doing other worth, and not Linux as an end goal itself.
> The RPM vs. DEB format is partially what you are familiar
> with, but I am one who made the crossover, and found that
> DEB is worth the learning curve (from a command line point
> of view, if you use the GUI, no learning curve at all).
> Fedora is bleeding edge, moves fast, and hence may be
> unsuitable for someone who wants to get on with their day
> doing work, rather than tinkering and exploring ...
> Only then would it cease to be a flame fest ...
> Oh, and vim is better than Emacs ... Perl looks like line
> noise too ...
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