[kwlug-disc] What's the best desktop distribution?

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Especially since you mentioned an office, I would suggest Ubuntu since it is easiest to run from the get-go and it is built on Debian which has been around a long time in case they want more hands-on later. 

Canonical upgrades Ubuntu every six months to keep it current and the end user does not have to worry about having the latest system.  As well, there are security and so forth updates as required.  Even if you don't stay with it, it is a good intro to Linux. 

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It's 2010.  You're starting fresh, with no preconceptions, and picking a 
distro for your home or office desktop.

What distro would you pick? 

I'm using Mandriva, but I do so because my ISP Mandrake on my webserver 
back 10+ years ago and I've stuck with it ever since.  But I keep 
hearing about all these other distros.

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