[kwlug-disc] What's the best desktop distribution?

Andrew Sullivan Cant acant at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Sun Feb 7 11:59:35 EST 2010

I am a little late on this thread, but I have been thinking about this
topic. I have yet to try things out but I have done a little research,
because able to maintain/duplicate a Drupal installation through apt-get
and/or puppet would be awesome.

Something I have not yet gotten around to looking at is this:
  dh-make-drupal - Create Debian packages from Drupal modules and themes

and I see that these also exist
  dh-make-perl - helper for creating Debian packages from perl modules
  ruby-pkg-tools - Tools for building Debian Ruby packages
  dh-make-php - Creates Debian source packages for PHP PEAR and PECL extensions

which might be part of the solution for automated(or at least partially
automated) method for maintaining a Debian repository of
Drupal/Perl/Ruby/PHP modules.

These, I believe, are the base tools for the Debian packaging helpers:
  dh-make - tool that converts source archives into Debian package source
  debhelper - helper programs for debian/rules

Lots of options, none of which I have used. :)

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