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Thu Dec 23 12:23:17 EST 2010


Actually Glenn, here's a thought ...

You could load up 64-bit Kubuntu, then run 32-bit Mandriva within a 
vm, until you're completely comfortable with the new OS.

I sure get the 'need to be productive in a familiar environment' in 
the meantime. IIRC, since you didn't have sufficiently capable 
hardware until now, this migration strategy wasn't an option for you, 
before now.

	For that matter, running a vm against files on another computer isn't 
all that bad. You could run this vm on any computer. Or run against 
local file storage, and back it up every so often. Even on 'non-vm' 
hardware, if that's all it's doing, isn't excruciating in a pinch.

unsolicited wrote, On 12/23/2010 12:14 PM:
> Not quite what he said.
> He said, without some good reason for running 32-bit, go 64-bit. Any 
> trade off is not significant enough to outweigh the benefits. Especially 
> going forward.
> Given your survey Glenn, only you, with *Mandriva*, have experienced any 
> significant problems that couldn't be reasonably overcome in a short 
> amount of time, such that regressing back to 32-bit was warranted.
> *Everybody* else has said go 64-bit / they've had a pleasant experience. 
> And it was reported that Mandriva is still goofy with a 32-/64-bit 
> hybrid environment.
> You might load up a 64-bit K/Ubuntu Live CD and see if you have zero 
> problems, as reported. (Not sure if you could duplicate what you were 
> doing on a live cd to detect if the same problems are present, using a 
> live cd.)
> Insurance Squared Inc. wrote, On 12/23/2010 11:09 AM:
>> I think I'm in agreement with Cedric.  For most of us at the desktop 
>> level there seems to be little benefit to going to a 64 bit OS.  It 
>> certainly didn't do me any good.  However if we can all go towards 
>> that goal, we get unified that much faster.
>>> The main benefit, in my view, to getting *everyone* up on 64 bit is 
>>> that it's easier to support one stream of drivers and infrastructure 
>>> than two, and the sooner we get to the point where we don't have to 
>>> have the mainstream world straddling two architectures, the easier 
>>> systems guys who churn out the foundations upon which we all build 
>>> will have it, and the more time they'll have for cool stuff as 
>>> opposed to regression testing i386 builds :P
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