[kwlug-disc] Free e-waste drop off?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue Dec 14 15:40:42 EST 2010

Yes, this is Charles, who has replied on this thread to the list.

Note - this didn't used to be the case. Charles was so full of junk at 
one point that he had to stop taking anything less than a P4. IIRC, 
that policy has now been rescinded. [But doesn't mean they're going to 
make use of anything less than a P4, probably more, now. Likely it 
would go directly into the bins for the recyclers.]

Last time I was in, a few months back, a P4 2.x GHz (3.x?), was where 
stock was topping out, in terms of performance. Those were, with 
windows, $100. $50 without windows, IIRC.

Note to list: your lcd screens and dual cores are now obsolete, you 
need to get them in to Computer Recycling NOW! Christmas is coming and 
I have presents to buy. Trust me, IMO, it's all for a good cause - 
every which way.

Bill Hazelwood wrote, On 12/14/2010 2:52 PM:
> Here is a link to a local recycler and what they do with the computers.
> http://www.theworkingcentre.org/at/at_main.html

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