[kwlug-disc] Troubleshooting and Fixing a PC locally?

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Fri Dec 3 14:44:01 EST 2010

I've bought a lot of their stuff over the years, and unless it's a situation where there is no clear standard (eg: redundant power in a 1U case) nothing really comes to mind of a situation where I've seen "non-standard" parts with them.

I think that's because they are the de facto OEM manufacturer of so much of the "standard" stuff on the market for so many brands, they'd rather just slap their own label on it and go to market, rather than customizing it.


On 2010-12-03, at 9:32 AM, John Johnson wrote:

> At 17:28 2010-12-02, Khalid wrote:
>> One of the test servers I use has died (symptoms below).
> < snip>
>> The server is actually an Acer quad core desktop.
> I am not sure about Acer. (Acer != Asus).
> HP/Compaq, Dell and others sometimes use non-standard MB, Power Supply (etc) form factors, e.g. size, mounting holes, etc. This makes swapping with other parts difficult. And expensive.
> (Apologies to Khalid for misspelling).
> Regards: JohnJ  
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