[kwlug-disc] My Ubuntu 10.4 will only start about 1 out of 4 times

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Mon Aug 30 21:37:43 EDT 2010

This is posted on behalf of a friend who is trying to post to the list,
but having problems. Paul is looking into why this is happening,
but meanwhile, Darryl is frustrated and about to ditch Ubuntu for

Specifically, he would like to know if he can log the boot sequence
to see where it gets stuck.

Message follows ...

I bought new PC - Asus P6T SE with an intel i7-930, 6BG mem.

Clean install of Ubunutu 10.4 - 32 bit general at first then upgrade pae
Both have the same problem.

When I boot most of the time I get a black screen.

I changed boot options to add nomodeset and removed the splash and quiet
options from the grub menu.
Some forums suggested the nomodeset.  Now I see where it freezes.

It either works or freezes just after allocating memory pages.

Trying to log the boot sequence.  Haven't had much luck.  There is bootlog
in /var/log/syslog but I never seem to see the info from when it failed,
only when
it succeeds.

Changed /etc/default/bootlogd BOOTLOGD_ENABLE=No to Yes
Supposed to log to /var/log/boot but nothing there

Any Ideas.  The only thing working reliably right now is Windows 7.

Rebooting several times it eventually works.
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