[kwlug-disc] setting up a multi-user git server

Johnny Ferguson hyperflexed at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 02:59:46 EDT 2010

On 08/19/2010 02:48 AM, Chris Frey wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 02:10:13AM -0400, Johnny Ferguson wrote:
>> I've created the git user, but I'm not sure how I go about allowing
>> multiple users to use git. Is there a simple way to let outside users
>> create and work with repositories on my server? (I'm thinking simple,
>> like github).
>> I'm sure the solutions are out there, but I haven't chanced upon them.
>> Also, if there's some kind of easy to use web interface, I'd like to
>> know about it.
> The entire engine for repo.or.cz is open source, so if you like that
> site's interface, you could start from there.  (link to the source is
> on the front page)

looks like a working solution to me

> Git comes with a web browsing service built in, but it does take a little
> bit of configuring.
> As for multiple committers, ssh accounts seems like the easiest way to go,
> to me.

I may be getting in over my head, but I'd like to have a system like 
github so I can allow new users to register without having to set up an 
SSH account for them. I'm not sure if setting up ssh accounts could be 
automated or not. (it likely is, I was hoping I could avoid it)

I'm making this server to allow multiple users to collaborate on songs. 
There's a program called renoise which stores projects as a tar file 
containing sound samples and xml files containing the score information. 
I remember hearing at the git presentation that git is able to see files 
inside archives, so I'm thinking git would be able to avoid unnecessary 
duplication of blobs as users make updates to a collaboration.

My hope is that if only the XML score files change, then the server 
won't have to dedicate so much space to the sample files (WAVs mostly), 
as there will only be one copy of each WAV file per 
repository/collaboration. The XML costs nothing in storage, so that 
would be able to change as many times as desired without significant cost.

I know this is a rather strange use of git, but I'm interested to see 
how it turns out. It may turn out that git is not ideal for this kind of 
thing, but I'd like to give it a try before trying to roll my own solution.

I haven't thought of how branching and merging of project files will 
work (users don't generally edit the raw XML files), but I'll find a way 
to work that out once I have a multi-user git server, and a decent web 
interface running.


> - Chris
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