[kwlug-disc] anyone with a cheap scope for sale?

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Mon Aug 9 01:15:44 EDT 2010

Interesting. But again be careful. Note the 1 MHz (1Msps) bandwidth.
IMHO There is an outside chance this device might work with signals 
with frequency components that max out at 100 kHz.
As the 5th harmonic of a 20 kHz digital clock signal is 100 kHz, this 
device is inadequate for all but some slow digital signals.
I note that the the review notes that this device is limited to audio 

At 21:10 2010-08-08, Bill Traynor  wrote:
>On 8/4/10 9:03 AM, Kyle Spaans wrote:
>>I was at Creatron Inc. (a really nice electronics store) here in
>>Toronto on Monday and they had a $99 'scope. I forget the brand name,
>>but it looked more like an MP3 player: hand-sized with a large LED
>>screen that displays the waveform. Could that be the style of scope
>>you're looking for? If so, I'll go back and get you the exact name.

>Is this the scope you saw:
>It looks like a really interesting device.  A good review of the 
>device can be found here:

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