[kwlug-disc] peoples' thoughts on apple, adobe and flash?

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Just as with all traditional companies, their marketing people have jumped on the new buzz word, "open source" without really understanding what it means.  They then have to redefine it for their own ends because they have shareholders and the lot.  They don't, and won't, operate under the principles of open source because they can't predict how profit will accrue or explain it to the aforementioned investors.  

It has nothing to do with software. 
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> what do others think of this hissy fit?

I think that it is difficult to disagree with Jobs on this one.

Ask Linux end users what is the most frustrating app and they will most likely point to Flash: Slowing down the computer, crashing the browser, showing choppy video.

What I find quite interesting is that now vendors start arguing to see which one is the most "open" and have strategies to participate in Open source.

I don't think that we are at the "then we win" stage, but I wouldn't have expected to hear arguments like this from closed minded companies just a few years back.

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