[kwlug-disc] Linux is lagging behind

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I was a Maemo fan too, and was longing for an N900. One of the reasons I
liked it is that it is Debian based. The other reason is that it is more
open than Android.

The issue is that they merged with Moblin, forming MeeGo, and they decided
on RPM as the format to use going forward. That made it less attractive for
me. Only Nokia makes hardware for that platform. Basically, just one phone
and a couple of non-phone tablets.

So, I am back to Android as the contender given that it has more choice of
phone hardware.

One review of the Motorola Milestone (the GSM version of the Droid, and has
a keyboard) said that it does not have the Android Marketplace enabled! Can
you believe what carriers/phone makers do!

Right now I am considering the NexusOne, which is $529 online directly from
Google. It has no keyboard, but the fastest CPU for an Android phone, and
latest 2.1 version. Also no restrictions from carriers.

On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 10:17 AM, Shane <shane.msg at gmail.com> wrote:

> To add to the mix, I think that Maemo from Nokia is based on Debian and
> hasn't Symbian been released as open source?
> I read somewhere, I believe it was cnet, that on the Nokia N900 it is
> possible to run Firefox.  Nokia doesn't even refer to it as a phone.  I
> don't know how much is hype but they call it a computer.  One of its
> capabilities is that it handles phone calls.
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> > With the proliferation of mobile OS's, how come basically everything
> > is
> > still closed source?  Rim, apple, sanyo, on and on, they've all got
> > closed OS's for their phones and mobile devices.  And Google's doesn't
> > count, that's still commercial.
> But isn't android Linux? And isn't all but some of the apps on it open
> source?
> And aren't they working with Open Handset Alliance to make the platform
> more open and standardized?
> Is this just kool-aid?
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