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unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Apr 28 01:21:28 EDT 2010

So, someone tie this all up.

What does any of this have to do with key signing?

- speak both locally (kwlug), and for a really large key signing 
party. i.e. Suppose there was a Southwestern Ontario key signing party 
- how is this sort of thing dealt with at such a venue? Or do venue's 
that large, by definition, not happen?

R. Brent Clements wrote, On 04/27/2010 11:28 PM:
> And don't forget rms, esr, maddog...
> On a slightly different tangent, I know a guy whose legal middle name
> is Snuggles.
> On 4/27/10, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
>> So ... following this thread ...
>> What is identity (perhaps only for key signing purposes)?
>> Clearly it's not a name. Perhaps the hat one's wearing in a particular
>> context.
>> For that matter, what is anonymity.
>> Khalid Baheyeldin wrote, On 04/27/2010 10:19 PM:
>>> On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 2:58 PM, Raul Suarez <rarsa at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>>>>> And re: aliases,
>>>>>> Really?  You really want to be in the web of
>>>>> trust as "Dragon Slayer13-1985" ?
>>>>> Depends.  Being in the the web of trust as Dragon
>>>>> Slayer13-1985 doesn't mean I can't be in it as Chris Frey as well.
>>>> Some people know me as "Rarsa". When I meet them in person, I say "hi I
>>>> am
>>>> Raul and I may have met you at...", When I see their "who???" face I say,
>>>> "rarsa" and they can then recognize me.
>>> In Drupaldom, I see something similar.
>>> The user name on drupal.org has become a synonym for the person.
>>> For example webchick (Angela Byron, core committer for Drupal7), chx
>>> (Karoly
>>> Negyesi, core contributor), catch (Nathaniel Catchpole, core contributor),
>>> ...etc.
>>> We often have that printed on the conference badges, or people write it if
>>> it is not there. I have also seen it on business cards as well.
>>> I am kbahey by the way ...
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