[kwlug-disc] Modern Open Source WiFi Routers

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Sun Apr 25 22:45:28 EDT 2010

Thanks for posting this Khalid.

I see at the bottom a reference to the D-Link DIR-825, 
http://www.dlink.ca/products/?pid=681. "DIR-825 Xtreme N Dual Band 
Gigabit Router"

At a very quick glance, seems reasonable. Has a USB port on the back, 
it looks like. What am I missing?

DLink DIR-825 rev B (Score:3, Informative)
by Eric Smith (4379) writes: <eric@@@brouhaha...com> on Sunday April 
25, @01:10AM (#31971708) Homepage Journal
Although not marketed for open-source use the way the Linksys WRT54GL 
was, the DLink DIR-825 rev B seems like a great choice. It is 
supported by many of the third-party firmware distributions (I use 
OpenWRT), has an Atheros MIPS-based CPU that runs at 680 MHz, 
simultaneous dual-band Atheros WiFi which has good open source support 
(no binary blob driver needed), detachable antennas, gigabit ethernet, 
and isn't too expensive.

Much though it pains me (as a former Ubicom employee) to say it, I 
would recommend avoiding the earlier DIR-825 rev A which uses a Ubicom 
processor. Although Ubicom now offers some kind of Linux SDK, as far 
as I know there is currently no third-party firmware that will run on 
the DIR-825 rev A. The hardware revision is on the label of the 
package, and also the rev A and rev B look somewhat different, so if 
you buy a DIR-825 at retail you can easily ensure that you get the rev 
B. I suspect that most of the major online retailers probably have 
exhausted their inventory of rev A by now.

Khalid Baheyeldin wrote, On 04/25/2010 4:01 PM:
> This article states the obvious that we have seen before on this
> mailing list:  No open source routers with 802.11N, USB (and
> for some, Gigabit LAN)
> http://ask.slashdot.org/story/10/04/24/2256220/Open-Source-Router-To-Replace-WRT54GL

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