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We're wildly offtopic here but I thought I'd respond.

I am interested in privacy from the perspective of how we, as canadian 
businesses, need to conduct ourselves in order to comply with canadian 
law.  For example I'm reasonably certain that everyone who runs a 
business, even a small one, needs a published privacy policy on their 
website.  They also need privacy guidelines written down.  And they need 
to review those guidelines with all staff at least annually.  Anyone out 
there not doing that?  Probably most.

In terms of privacy surfing, I suspect my concerns are more specific 
than most.  I'm pretty mundane in my surfing habits so the fact that my 
ISP can see everything isn't something I lose any sleep over.  However I 
am much more concerned about the online companies that collate data for 
whatever purposes they  want - and they're collecting it without the 
public even having a clue that it's being collected or how it can be 

For example, I hear stories about ISP's selling their surfing data to 
markting companies.  Is your ISP selling data out the back door?  Anyone 
here actually know for sure that they're data isn't being sold?  I'm 
told it's more common than most would believe.

I guess to put it another way, my concern is less about privacy from a 
'private' perspective, and more about disclosure of what data you are 
handing out and how it's being used.  I can pretty much assure you that 
even the kooks on this list :) aren't anywhere near tinfoil hat as to 
what's actually going on.  Google's only one well known example that 
tracks your surfing across almost all websites - even when you think it 
isn't.  Ever visit a site that has Google adwords? Boom, Google's 
tracking you.  Visit a site that has Google analytics?  How many sites 
out there aren't running at least one of those.  Add in the data they 
collect from toolbars (even just that green pagerank toolbar) and they 
know all.

Kyle Spaans wrote:
> After reading Glen's message "[OT] Canada's privacy commissioner vs.
> Google", I'm
> wondering if the KWLUG is interested in a (both technical and not)
> presentation about
> Privacy issues? In particular privacy law in Canada, and technical
> measure to help
> you protect your privacy (namely Tor[1], an open, anonymizing network,
> co-founded
> by a professor here at the University of Waterloo).
> Of course, I say this a week before leaving for a work term in Toronto
> :-P so the
> earliest I could present would be September.
> 1 - http://tor.eff.org/
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