[kwlug-disc] Newbie... Playing with Linux etc...

Fernando Duran liberosec at yahoo.ca
Mon Apr 19 22:27:13 EDT 2010

--- On Mon, 4/19/10, Khalid Baheyeldin <kb at 2bits.com> wrote:

> SQLite is not really an option for many real life situations, where you need concurrency (e.g. a web site that uses a content management system). 

I disagree. Sqlite has a concurrency issue (locks) with _writes_ only, so most web sites (lots of reads, infrequent writes) can be good candidates for it. See for example http://www.sqlite.org/whentouse.html ("Websites" section) or http://www.appliedstacks.com/NewestFirst/SQLite .

I have several web sites where I have migrated from Mysql to sqlite and I couldn't be happier: it's faster with less CPU and memory footprint. Plus I've seen too many mysql corruptions and data losses; I only use mysql if there is absolutely no other alternative and I don't know anybody with experience in both mysql and postgres that doesn't agree.



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