[kwlug-disc] Tell me something I don't know

John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Mon Apr 19 09:00:22 EDT 2010

Okay, this may illicit many "tell me something I don't know" replies, but I revisited the Netcraft surveys again (they email me semi-monthly)

It seems that Apache is really blowing away Microsoft IIS. In the past IIS has been gaining on Apache at a steady rate, but the latest graphs shows the gap widening.

The summary is:

Apache is used in 53% of "active" sites (i.e. not placeholder sites.)
MS IIS is used in 18% of "active" sites.

This makes Apache 3 times more popular that IIS.
It's likely safe to say that hosting providers clearly prefer Apache.

Another more interesting statistic is:

Apache is used in 67% of the top one million busiest sites.
MS IIS is used in 17% of the top one million busiest sites.

This makes Apache 4 times more popular than IIS.
It seems clear to say that Apache is preferred among the Internet's big business.

Okay, tell me something I don't know!!!
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