[kwlug-disc] hot new ARM-based digital media SoC

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Wed Apr 14 17:41:56 EDT 2010


    *  High-Performance Digital Media System-on-Chip (DMSoC)
    * 432-MHz ARM926EJ-S Clock Rate
    * Two Video Image Co-processors (HDVICP, MJCP) Engines
    * Supports a Range of Encode, Decode and Video Quality Operations
    * Video Processing Subsystem
          o HW Face Detect Engine
          o Resize Engine from 1/16x to 8x
          o 16-Bit Parallel AFE (Analog Front-End) Interface Up to 120 MHz
          o 4:2:2 (8-/16-bit) Interface
          o 3 DACs for HD Analog Video Output
          o Hardware On-Screen Display (OSD)
    * Capable of 1080p 30fps H.264 video processing
    * Peripherals include EMAC, USB 2.0 OTG, DDR2/NAND, 5 SPIs, 2 UARTs, 2 MMC/SD/SDIO, Key Scan
    * 8 Different Boot Modes and Configurable Power-Saving Modes
    * Pin-to-pin and software compatible with DM365
    * Extended temperature (-40°C - 85°C) available
    * 3.3-V and 1.8-V I/O, 1.35-V Core
    * Debug Interface Support
    * 338-Pin Ball Grid Array at 65nm Process Technology

happy now, andrew?


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