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> > I like that they ship Ubuntu CDs by default with their
> computers.
> > 
> > I'd get one, except the price seems a bit steep for
> what you get, and
> > the website looks really sketchy.  I have no
> confidence that they
> > actually *tested* Ubuntu, and I suspect they're just
> dropping a free
> > CD with commodity hardware.
> It does seem impractical. These PCs in a keyboard have been
> around a while and I've never seen one in the field.
> In going with the C64 theme, the DVI could connect directly
> to your TV, just like the C64. I suppose HDMI with audio
> would be more true to the heritage though. And it could come
> with C64 emulation software to run your favourite games.

I thought exactly the same to both previous posts:

Too little too late.

C64 was an advanced home computer for it's time. At that time there were gaming consoles, there were home computers, but this one was both. You could learn programming and play great games.

Commodore deviated from that when they moved to Amiga, trying to compete with Apple instead of competing with IBM in the home front.

This "new" computer in the late 80's/early 90's would have been a hit.

And now, If they had HDMI/WIFI and good gaming capabilities it "may" have a chance but not these models at this price.

This computer is missing something to wow you the same way C64 did.

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