[kwlug-disc] who has the time and interest to play with a C4 beagleboard?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu Apr 8 06:46:26 EDT 2010

  i recently received two spanking new C4 version beagleboards, and
now i have a prototype beagleboard XM on its way.  and since there's
only one of me, chances are i won't be able to play with everything at
once.  so i'm looking for someone local who has the time and
inclination to start from scratch and, as i've done in the past,
document for other beginners the steps it takes to get one of those
boards up and running.

  i helped with updating the validation page here:


and, at this point, i am particularly interested in producing a
detailed recipe of how to download, configure, build and install
android for the benefit of others.  so if this sounds like fun, drop
me a note, and i can bring one of the C4's to monday's meeting.


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