[kwlug-disc] Building a new MythTV Frontend

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Mon Sep 28 23:44:19 EDT 2009

Darn hard to find. I just happened to come across one at factory 
direct one day, last year. Last one and snapped it up. (It has two IR 
blasters with it - COOL!)

This may help you figure out what you're looking for: 

Note: From conversations with Hauppauge support ... you cannot get one 
of their MCE remotes separately, you MUST buy one of their MCE kits 
(which is just their normal kit with the MS remote instead of one of 
their own.) If you can find one. (And bear in mind John's past 
messages to be wary of 150's that actually contain a different board. 
The number of which escapes me at the moment.)

Colin Mackay wrote, On 09/28/2009 10:52 PM:
> Can you point me to a proper MCE remote?  The one I have came with the 
> PVR-150.  It has no specific sleep buttons, if that is what you are 
> referring to.

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