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Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Sun Sep 27 22:16:56 EDT 2009

> I agree with Chris, for professional development, scripting has its
>> place in the admin room, but not in the front facing applications.
>> You can do it, some may even do it successfully but a solid
>> compiled language will save you many headaches.
> Lint is essentially an over-anxious c pre-processor. Is there not an
> equivalent for these scripted languages? Let alone do not many 'compile'
> down to pseudo-code (intermediary language) wherein the compiler checks
> these thread author's rave about are done?

PHP has a syntax check mode, called "lint mode", which can be invoked
from the command line.

Vim can be made to map the :make command to invoke this mode on the
current file:

:!php -l example.module  2>&1| tee /tmp/v115393/1
No syntax errors detected in example.module

But the catch is that most scripting languages (including PHP) do not
do typing (e.g. PHP is dynamically typed). So, lint gets you only so far.
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