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> To run 64 bit installs of linux, do I need 64 bit hardware?  I tried to
> install on a Xeon machine and it objected that the hardware was only 32 bit.
>  (It's a 32 bit machine for the same reason I drive a Chrysler.  All I could
> afford at the time :) ).

I thought Xeons are all 64 bits.

To be sure, run this command from a bootable CD and see if it returns back

# grep -w lm /proc/cpuinfo

lm stands for long mode.

> In the same vein, if I install a 32 bit install of say Mandriva on a
> machine with 8 gigs of ram, would one expect that the kernel being installed
> will address all 8 gigs?

No. Unless you have the bigmem patch.

> i.e. do distro installs check for that stuff automatically these days?
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