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>These comments make me think of the prevalence of Point & Shoot digital cameras. Everybody goes click >happy. I wonder what the percentage of truly good / desired result / well exposed images happen these days. 
>Vs. the days of film where every image cost X amount as a portion of the film processing and printing costs 

Funny you bring this up, Last months Wired magazine had an article on the success of "good enough" for 80% of the people. The mistake is having "professionals" using those "good enough" tools.

E.g. It is OK to click and shoot for my family pictures. It wouldn't be OK for a professional photographer doing a cover picture.

That was always my argument against using VB for professional development. It was OK for end users doing little things, and I saw very good professional developers using it successfully, but it was inherently a bad language for professional development. This is, they had to go out of their way to have a clean application.

I agree with Chris, for professional development, scripting has its place in the admin room, but not in the front facing applications. You can do it, some may even do it successfully but a solid compiled language will save you many headaches.

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