[kwlug-disc] [ot] short term contract, server setup/admin

Insurance Squared Inc. gcooke at insurancesquared.com
Mon Sep 21 09:34:32 EDT 2009

I need someone in our New Hamburg office (15 minutes from KW) for 
roughly 3-5 days.  Tasks are:
- combine two local Mandriva servers into one; the final server will 
have asterisk plus a gui, contain a couple of databases we're running 
locally, and run a slave nameserver.  Oh, and our offsite backups.
- Upgrade our webserver to a current version of Mandriva.  The webserver 
is located in Toronto but I've got a clone of the hardware locally so it 
will be some combination of install/rebuld locally, then swap, then 
rebuild the 'live' server locally here, then a reswap.  (I'll handle the 
physical swaps to Toronto).

Looking for someone that can handle server moves like that plus has some 
experience with asterisk setup. 

Please drop me an email at glenn-at-glenndotca, with your rates and some 
indication of your experience.  Thanks!


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