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I bought the EEE 701 - non surf it has a webcam and a bigger SSD when they first came out.  
I promptly wiped the default distro and threw Archlinux onto it.  They have a pretty strong community based around the asus eee and the custom kernel boots in 8 seconds or something ridiculous like that.  It also covers the networking and custom keys and all that so you don't have to do much of anything beside boot this kernel.
I started to notice X crashing a lot with no real errors and firefox and other apps 'big' apps seg faulting.  I thought this was odd as I was generally using apps found in Xandros.  Reinstalled Xandros and its flakey as well.
I've never really figured out if this is my EEE, a bad stick or ram or Arch..  No one else on the list complains.  I put some foil under the keyboard and have /home and the firefox cache on a ramdisk and it helps but I still don't feel like its trustworthy.
Assuming its just my EEE and not Arch (mostly because no one else is complaining about the things I complain about) archlinux is really easy to install and the kernel is optimized for the hardware - and updatable via pacman so easy to maintain.

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My Asus EEE 900A just came in (this is the one that Chris posted to the list a few weeks ago).  And my wife loves it.  The simplified desktop system she's finding great - said it was like the Mac's she's seen. So I've finally got another linux convert :).

Two questions for those on the list familiar with this netbook.  First, is it a good idea to wipe out the distro that came loaded and install something else (maybe save on some space?).  Secondly,the machine came with a 4gig solid state drive that's at like 90% capacity out of the box.  Can you/would you upgrade that?  Or just drop a 16gig SD card into it?

Any other tips for setting one of these things up?


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