[kwlug-disc] how the ^#*&^)(& do i convince debian to install grub, not LILO?

Paul Gallaway pgallaway at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 09:09:21 EDT 2009

>  is this really what a debian install looks for (ext2 vs ext3 for
> /boot partition) in deciding whether or not to allow you to use grub?

I use ext3 for my '/' (root) partition and have grub installed (and
grub2 in one case). I don't have a separate /boot partition so perhaps
that makes a difference?  Both of my recent installs (two new systems)
were net installs. One of Lenny and one of Squeeze. The Squeeze one
actually did have some trouble with the grub install. I dropped into a
busybox (?) shell and completed some additional upgrades (aptitude) to
bring some of the squeeze packages installed up to date and then did
the grub install from busybox and it worked. In each case grub is
installed to my MBRs (I think, don't know a whole lot about grub2
yet). Sorry, not sure if this data point will be very helpful to you.


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