[kwlug-disc] SCO Done Suing?

John Kerr jkerr0102 at rogers.com
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Hi John

This quote found on Groklaw

"In a statement issued by SCO's new leadership, the company indicates
that it plans to continue its litigation efforts and will move forward
with the appeals process. The company also says that it plans to
continue supporting its UNIX products. This potentially indicates that
SCO has given up on trying to unload its UnixWare assets, a plan that
has fallen through several times now as various proposed deals have

Of course, that may be just Jeff Hunsaker talking, or whoever remains of  those loyal to McBride. The trustee would be obligated to research the case, but I would think that he would drop the litigation after a review of the facts.

With all of the research money available on Wall Street, if this case had a chance, why is the stock under $0.20?

Apparently, a Saudi billionaire would not touch it.



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After firing the man responsible for the lawsuit business plan, is SCO 
done bothering us?


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