[kwlug-disc] promiscuous 802.11 a/b/g or just b USB Nic

Joseph Wennechuk youcanreachmehere at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 17 14:45:38 EDT 2009

I need a USB Nic, or a method of capturing 802.11 packets in promiscuous mode . Preferably with an external antenna connector. On my Aceer aspire  zg5 netbook Atheros ar5bx63 chipset, and I can't capture promiscuously.

Does anyone know if one exists ? The forums are very confusing on the subject. I want to play with some penetration testing, and to see if I am leaking a lot of stuff to my neighbors by using wifi in my home network. I can see three other strong access points from my apartment one of which is open. and Stumbler tells me there are several laptops around as well.

Also I am having a lot of trouble getting my Backtrack3 to run in 1024 X 600 mode ; booting from USB . I have tried using 901_net_gfx driver and booting with that module by updating syslinux but it hangs after beginning all services and before the full system comes up.

I can't get x to come up how I configure it.
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