[kwlug-disc] specifying location of webalizer.conf file under debian?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Fri Oct 16 10:23:46 EDT 2009

  let's see how terse i can make this:

* existing debian lenny setup stopped generating webalizer stats last

* for debian pkg, look in /etc/webalizer/webalizer.conf file and, sure
enough, it contains what appear to be initial default settings for
webalizer output (which are wrong).  fix settings, particularly to set
OutputDir to "logs/" directory somewhere under

* i therefore conclude that, somehow, i upgraded(?) webalizer and
wiped out the configured version of that file with the default.  so
far, so good.  manual test seems to work when i run cron.daily
webalizer script.

* *but* ... hmmm ... that correct output directory *also* contains a
webalizer.conf file, and its settings are *correct*.  how did it come
to be there?  and is *that* the conf file that should be consulted?
it would certainly be correct.

* webalizer.conf file even states:

# As of version 0.98, The Webalizer will look for a 'default' configuration
# file named "webalizer.conf" in the current directory, and if not found
# there, will look for "/etc/webalizer.conf".

  so ... is it possible that this used to work properly because
webalizer's "home" directory was set to that logs output directory?
that would make a certain amount of sense, except that i can't see how
that can be changed, since the /etc/cron.daily/webalizer script that's
being run opens with:


  that doesn't look customizable.  so ... am i misreading this?  how
did that .conf file end up in the logs directory?  and does it mean
anything?  or should i ignore it and just stick with fixing


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