[kwlug-disc] Debian -- News -- Debian pushes development of kFreeBSD port

Cory Oldford cory at peaceworks.ca
Fri Oct 9 15:04:33 EDT 2009

I imagine debian will have an arch and release specific repository for both precompiled binary packages and source packages. The big change here is apt and the debian base system supporting a bsd kernel. I suspect much of the end user experience will be the same. As it stands most of the BSDs already had ports of the GNU utilities etc.

Cory Oldford

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> From: Cory Oldford <cory at peaceworks.ca>
> To my knowledge GNU software can be built on any pretty much any 
> posix compliant nix that gcc+glibc has been ported to. Repackaging 
> the GNU utilities and the debian package manager for BSD wouldn't 
> have been terribly difficult as a result. The BSD license allows 
> closure after modification while the GPL requires disclosure after 
> modification. Often people choose modifying BSD licensed software so
> their not forced to contribute back to the opensource community. 
> Both Microsoft and Apple are rumored to have done this. I choose 
> Linux for most projects as its what I am most familiar with and 
> recommend doing so unless you are planning on making a proprietary 
> solution based on BSD licensed software. 

Moving GNU to BSD is a compile-time change though. Is this what was done 
with Debian?

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