[kwlug-disc] Debian -- News -- Debian pushes development of kFreeBSD port

Cory Oldford cory at peaceworks.ca
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To my knowledge GNU software can be built on any pretty much any posix compliant nix that gcc+glibc has been ported to. Repackaging the GNU utilities and the debian package manager for BSD wouldn't have been terribly difficult as a result. The BSD license allows closure after modification while the GPL requires disclosure after modification. Often people choose modifying BSD licensed software so their not forced to contribute back to the opensource community. Both Microsoft and Apple are rumored to have done this. I choose Linux for most projects as its what I am most familiar with and recommend doing so unless you are planning on making a proprietary solution based on BSD licensed software. 

Cory Oldford

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> Anyone got any links as to why one would choose one kernel over the other?
> Pros / Cons, choices?

The impression I got when I went to BSDcan last Summer is that certain kinds
of research and development is done on *BSD rather than Linux for w/e reason
(licensing?). An example then (but not now I don't think) was SCTP, some
special new protocol.

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