[kwlug-disc] DVCS advice needed

Adam Glauser adamglauser at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 12:12:01 EDT 2009

Kyle Spaans wrote:
>> Mercurial:
>> Larger user base than Bazaar
>> Closer to Bazaar than git for ease of use
> It's probably faster than Bazaar, but it's not as fast as Git. But
> that's not really
> an issue unless your codebase is very large (linux-esque or X-esque I guess).

I'm not really factoring performance into the decision because I doubt 
our codebase will be that large any time soon.  I also _hope_ our 
codebase will not get that big any time soon!

> I did see a Software Engineering PhD presentation this Summer about how
> Hg was chosen over Git because of it's superior scripting ability. Hg is written
> in Python, which is a plus. This guy had built commit-hooks and checkin-hooks
> to make sure that any code in their repos would pass various units tests (and
> actually _build_ :P), which is cool if you're willing to go that far.

 From what I've seen, Bazaar has a tool called Patch Queue Manager that 
can do some really cool stuff along those lines.  It seems like it would 
be nice to get to that point eventually.

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