[kwlug-disc] mythTV - not paying attention?

Daniel Agar daniel at agar.ca
Fri Oct 2 13:38:14 EDT 2009

>>From: Andrew Kohlsmith (Mailing List Account) <aklists at mixdown.ca>
>>I'm not so sure that Myth does a passable job at internet videos (youtube
>>etc.) -- I currently torrent and have a half-assed script in writing which
>>automatically adds the completed torrent to myth's recordings, but it's very
> I use Miro to download internet video. I configured it to save the downloaded feeds to a folder that Myth can access.
>  Raul Suarez
http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/MiroBridge or
http://www.stillhq.com/mythtv/mythnettv/ for access to podcasts with
metadata from mythtv.

http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Jamu for automatically filling in metadata
for movies and tv. Need to wait for myth 0.22 for this.

The only reason I'd use xbmc or boxee over myth is if I wanted support
for streaming, although myth can do that (somewhat crudely)

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