[kwlug-disc] intermittent NIC?

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It sounds like you have a bad nic. If its a problem with autonegotiation you can try hard coding the settings with mii-tools. If that works configure your nic with hose values. It will be a constant headache since you have to remember to change the settings if you change switches. 

A $10 nic isn't a bad solution. 

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I have what appears to be an intermittent NIC on a p4 motherboard.
The board was acquired as surplus some time ago for a project that
never started so this is the first time I've looked at it.

Link light appears steady for a while, then out for a while; the
duration does not appear to be a pattern, or blinking.  I never see
the super-happy-blinking-lights that I expect from a healthy, active
connection.  Ping tests on my local network give 40% to 75% packet
loss.  Using another box on the same ethernet cable / switch port
gives the expected perfect connectivity.  I see no bent pins in the
ethernet socket.

I'm tempted to use a plug-in NIC and forget the on-board NIC.  Am I
missing something?

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