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Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Mon Nov 16 20:41:55 EST 2009

Another surprise from Microsoft: they made .NET Micro open source under the
Apache license.



So, this is the mobile device version of .NET, and it most obvious reason
for open sourcing it is increased adoption, rather than see Apple and Java
dominate the mobile market.

What is interesting is the choice of the license. It would have been in
their best interest if they made it GPL. Using the GPL effectively prevents
anyone from "selling" proprietary versions of that framework. Microsoft,
being the copyright owner of that framework is not under that restriction,
they could do like MySQL did and sell proprietary versions under a dual

The Apache license allows ANYONE to do that, thus preventing Microsoft from
being the sole entity that can do that.

Perhaps it is a case of Microsoft mired into its own prejudices against the
GPL? Or could there be other reasons there ...
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