[kwlug-disc] TLUG 2010 topics

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Fri Nov 13 19:07:17 EST 2009

What topics and presenters would we like for January and beyond?

Make a request or volunteer.

What topics would be so compelling that you would bring five
colleagues with you to attend?

Have a secret project that you are ready to take public?

Interested in the topics or presenters from other nearby LUGs?
Perhaps one would be willing to visit?  And on that topic; have you
presented at TLUG recently and would you like to offer your topic to
another nearby LUG?  (You really can find additional appreciative
audiences, and get more than one round of applause for the hard work
you put into your presentation!) Either contact me off-list, or
contact the organizers of those other LUGs yourself.

Food for thought:

Next TLUG topic: December 8 : Short talks about revision control
Recent TLUG topics:
Lightning talks; GTALUG Election, CLI document / task / accounting
application, Damn Vulnerable Linux, Media metadata with exiftool,
Screen, Personal web sites
Software maintenance
Portable media players
Replace AD with Kerberos, NTP, samba and openldap
Beginning GIMP
Linux Games

Recent KWLUG topics:
Asterisk on embedded devices, iSCSI, GNUcash, OpenLayers, LAMP Stack,
Syslog servers and log parsing, Apache web server, Troubleshooting
software without the source code, tools for system monitoring and
Coming soon at KWLUG (through Aug 2010): Remote access and
collaboration, LaTeX, Installing Linux in 6 minutes, Regular
expressions, KVM libvirt and QEMU, MySQL, Demo Night, git, Programming
for Linux

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