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Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
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There is an old registry cleaner tool 
http://majorgeeks.com/download460.html by Jouni Vourio that has an 
option to rediscover all hardware.  

Move the drive to another computer, install Windows there.  Be sure to 
copy the install CD on the drive. Install RegCleaner, run it and select 
the rediscover option (which requires a re-boot).  Instead of rebooting, 
move the drive to the target laptop, and let it boot and discover the 
hardware.  If drivers from the CD are required you can point it to the 
copy of the install CD.


john at netdirect.ca wrote:
> kwlug-disc-bounces at kwlug.org wrote on 05/29/2009 11:34:29 AM:
>> Sorry for replying to myself (Hi me!), but another thought occurs...  
>> If this is just for personal use, and you have some time to play 
>> about, move the HDD to another computer and install Windows Tablet 
>> edition.  Then transfer it back over and let it boot.  Worse case 
>> scenario; you end up where you are now.  More than likely you might 
>> just have a semi-working XP tablet.  At that point, assuming you 
>> have USB and a key, you can install the correct drivers.
>> Windows doesn't always like all the hardware changing, but I've had 
>> it survive such transitions in the past.
> If you choose to do this your success will be better if you install tablet 
> drivers on the surrogate system. Things like storage adapter drivers are 
> the most important but given your circumstances, installing network 
> drivers would be a must too.
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