[kwlug-disc] Linux and NT unified kernel?

john at netdirect.ca john at netdirect.ca
Fri May 29 14:09:52 EDT 2009

kwlug-disc-bounces at kwlug.org wrote on 05/29/2009 01:31:40 PM:
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> I can see the usefulness of wine, in order to use the occasional windows 

> program, and when a program under wine works it feels very natural. This 

> however is moving things right into the kernel, including the dreaded 
> registry. I think this is too close to home, and is not a good idea for 
> the health of a linux system.  Under Wine, things are per  user, and 
> nicely compartmentalized. 

The kernel is responsible for I/O and resource management. Wine is 
essentially DLLs with translation to linux kernel calls for I/O and 
resource management. I expect that on LUK that Wine DLLs would still 
provide the API functionality but instead of translating to Linux kernel 
calls it would use the new NT kernel modules.

This is a quite exciting. It may mean that, barring a license agreement to 
prevent it, a user could move over their Windows system to a linux 
directory tree and run it parallel to Linux.

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated!

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