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Mon May 25 18:51:45 EDT 2009

lol.  John sure knows his newbies :).  I am using a journalised file 
system, ext 3.  It's set to check every 6 months.  I expect we're well 
past that time since the last check.  So the power outage was just the 
trigger to recheck based on date. 

In the end, the system back after about an hour or two.

john at netdirect.ca wrote:
> -----kwlug-disc-bounces at kwlug.org wrote: -----
> >We just had power drop in the office, and the machines went down hard
> >before I could shut them all down somewhat gracefully.
> >
> >My backup/dns server has something like 500gigs, and seems to be
> >wanting 
> to do a thorough check on all that before it comes back to life.  And
> >that's taking forever.  Do I have to let it finish checking the HD's?
> >or can I skip this.  Alternatively, any guesses on how long we have to
> >wait before our DNS comes back - an hour?  Three?
> I would be surprised if you weren't using a journalled file system. 
> Even after a power outage the file system should have been recoverable 
> in a very short time.
> What I suspect is that it checked the file system because of a time 
> limit. If you using Ext3, it has a "Check interval" and a "Maximum 
> mount count". Both will cause a file system check after a period of 
> time or after a file system has been mounted a certain number of 
> times. We generally set these to '0' disabling then. To see what yours 
> is set to use the "mount" command to display the mounted devices, 
> confirm that you're using ext3 and locate the device name for the file 
> system you want to change. Then use the "tune2fs -l /dev/whatever" to 
> display the current settings. Change them using "tune2fs -c 0 -i 0 
> /dev/whatever" and verify with the first tune2fs command.
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