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My inlaws do not have internet and are unlikely to get it anytime soon. I offered to get it for them, but they refused. They do not own a computer and never will. 

I know cell coverage is good where they live, so I really need to know which of the USB sticks work easily in Linux. 

I have only found a few, old, articles on the subject. So either no one uses them with Linux, or no one has any issues with them. I just don't really want to have to install WinXP on my laptop. 

I was hoping some of the KWLUG members had used these things. Forums, here I come!


P.S. If I get one of these things, I'll report back on my findings. 
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As of the last time I looked, about a year ago, no public (or private) 
wi-fi in Wiarton. And no internet cafe. Sauble, yes (2 - free), 
Wiarton, no. And neither's library.

If you're really only going to use it at your in-laws, as opposed to 
out and about, you'd probably spend less buying them a (wi-fi) router. 
(Assuming they have internet.) Outside downtown Wiarton and Sauble, 
cell coverage is spotty - non-existent unless on the main highway.

John Kerr wrote, On 05/17/2009 9:31 PM:
> I looked into them, did not try, I would just try to find an open 
> connection, or go to an internet cafe. Internet is everywhere. I thought 
> that the price was too high for the amount of megs you could consume.
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>     I currently use Fedora 10 on my laptop, and I am wondering if anyone
>     out there has had any experience with either Bell or Rogers and
>     their mobile usb sticks?
>     I am looking into it, not to replace my home connection, but for
>     when I am roaming around, or at the in-laws up in Wiarton.

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