[kwlug-disc] Bill Gates Demands Open Source

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Fundamental research is, and always has been essentially GPL.  If
methods are not documented and results are not independently
reproducible, then it isn't science.  Discoveries become part of the
bedrock of knowledge and the discoverer is rewarded with having their
name attached to the insight - and *maybe* a (Nobel, Fields, Wolf, etc)
prize later.  Only once results get to engineering level do people start
calling the patent office.

If fact, research done at government labs in the US is public domain.
There is a push on to make all government funded research public
regardless of where the research was done eg.


- From the point of view of fundamental research, the only parties
standing against such "open" research are the old-school journal
publishers a la RIAA.  They would have a hard time justifying why
research libraries should pay $15K/yr for a journal full of public
domain papers.

If Bill Gates wants to go head-to-head against the pharmaceutical and
publishing industries, great! I'd enjoy the fireworks.

Rashkae wrote:
> Raul Suarez wrote:
>> Of course in that regard I read it as saying that any project funded by a government or charity should be Open Source.
> I'm too lazy to hunt a citation, but actually, Bill G. has indeed voice
> that opinion.  Though for him, Open Source means a BSD style license,
> since according to Bill, a license that can't be embraced and extended
> (ie, GPL) is toxic to business and therefore should not receive public
> funding.
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