[kwlug-disc] an appealing theme for a weekly blog post?

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> > 
> > Congrats!  Sounds very interesting.
> > 
> > Myself, I'd vote for the monitoring and tuning theme.
> > Something like a
> > guided tour of /proc.
> > 
> > udev is another nice place to visit..
> I second the congratulations and this recommendation. 
> If you are looking to straddle the line between 
> programmers and users with respect to the kernel, you 
> might answer some of the following questions: 
>   - When does it make sense to compile a custom
> kernel?
>   - What kernel options make the most sense when 
>     compiling a kernel for a particular
> application?
>     Which of the four schedulers do you choose
> and why?
>   - How does the kernel log things? How can you tweak
>     the logging to solve particular problems?
>   - How and why would you want to incorporate a custom
>     patch not in the mainline kernel?
>   - What kind of security concerns do you have to 
>     worry about with respect to the kernel? How
> do you 
>     guard yourself against exploits?
> Maybe these are inappropriate topics. My thinking was that
> they can help people understand the kernel better and move
> them towards the developing end of things. 
> - Paul

I concur with Paul. When reading Blogs people are looking for an opinion piece. To "just" read information people buy books or go to a "static" website or a forum.

What's more, when a blog has opinion, it elicits responses and responses are the blood of blogging.

So a kernel blog may include the following
- Your kernel pet peves, both from the technical and attitude point of view
- Your recommendations on how to approach kernel development
- If there are multiple ways of doing the same thing, which one you consider the best one and why.

The more contentious the issue the more responses the better for the editor; it brings traffic to the site.

Warning: You will have to set time aside to read the comments so you can get feed back. Frequently, comments will give you food for thought for future posts.

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