[kwlug-disc] an appealing theme for a weekly blog post?

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Thu May 7 14:58:39 EDT 2009

Congrats in advance for the gig.

 another theme was linux performance monitoring and tuning,

This is a topic dear to my heart, and it is a very large portion of what
2bits.com does.

We have been blogging on it for a while, although within the context of PHP
and LAMP applications (heavy bias on Drupal).


This has been the most visited part of our site.

Here is what I learned on it:

Monitoring is not something that you can write endlessly on. Perhaps one
tool per
post (strace, cachegrind, top/htop, vmstat, iostat, Munin, cacti, sar), but
then you run
out of them at some point. I mean there is a lot to be  written, but they
are finite.

Tuning is more broad since issues (and solutions to them!) never cease. You
have to
however define whether this is real time/embedded, desktop, or server. For a
that can be memory (Firefox with 200 tabs), CPU (playing videos), or a
hundred other
things. For servers the load is different per type of server (LAMP, Java,
mail server, ...etc.).
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Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability. --  Edsger W.Dijkstra
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. --   Leonardo da Vinci
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