[kwlug-disc] an appealing theme for a weekly blog post?

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Thu May 7 14:24:36 EDT 2009

kwlug-disc-bounces at kwlug.org wrote on 05/07/2009 01:48:52 PM:
> I brush past overly technical articles, probably 1/2 the content in the 
> magazine.  Stuff I like?  application related stuff.  Things like new 
> gadgets, new applications.  Thorough reviews with how-to's of known 
> applications.  reviews of applications that solve specific problems. 
> Some examples of stuff I really like (and this is coming from some of 
> the linux mags I read):
> - one of the mags has their annual 'best of breed' articles.  Best 
> network monitoring, best webserver, best etc.
> - there was a recent article on using nagios.
> - always cool to read about new devices.
> - an article on how to create buttons using the gimp would be 
> interesting (or photo's, or whatever).
> - I read an article in the past year on how to 'walk' your log files. 
> That was pretty good.
> So I guess I'm more interested in application type stuff, how-to's.  But 

> of course I'm not a coder.  so FWIW.

Congratulations Rob it must be an honour to be asked.

How about a set of articles about how things we see happen on the desktop 
start at the kernel: "From the ground up" so to speak. You could talk 
about HAL detecting devices, mounting devices, ACPI, sleep, suspend, init, 
etc. USB devices, HIDs, graphical boot, frame buffers, etc. There must be 
a hundred ways that you can leverage your kernel knowledge to show how 
things really work in the OS. Call it the "Ghost in the machine" since 
most of that is magic to us, or "Linux in a Jiffy" (does it still use 
jiffies?) to imply short and concise articles. How about "A Kernel of 
Truth" or is that just too corny? 
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