[kwlug-disc] an appealing theme for a weekly blog post?

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Thu May 7 13:48:52 EDT 2009

I subscribe to one or two linux magazines, including that one I'm pretty 

I brush past overly technical articles, probably 1/2 the content in the 
magazine.  Stuff I like?  application related stuff.  Things like new 
gadgets, new applications.  Thorough reviews with how-to's of known 
applications.  reviews of applications that solve specific problems. 

Some examples of stuff I really like (and this is coming from some of 
the linux mags I read):
- one of the mags has their annual 'best of breed' articles.  Best 
network monitoring, best webserver, best etc.
- there was a recent article on using nagios.
- always cool to read about new devices.
- an article on how to create buttons using the gimp would be 
interesting (or photo's, or whatever).
- I read an article in the past year on how to 'walk' your log files.  
That was pretty good.

So I guess I'm more interested in application type stuff, how-to's.  But 
of course I'm not a coder.  so FWIW.

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   hard as it may be to believe, i've been asked by the senior software
> editor at "linux magazine" whether i'd be interested in writing a
> weekly blog on some TBD topic.  i originally suggested a "kernel
> newbies" column, which would -- each week -- explain a specific kernel
> programming feature, accompanied by actual code so that the reader
> could see the code in action.  that is, rather than an arm-waving
> presentation (which certainly has value all by itself), the emphasis
> would be on things people could compile and run.
>   another theme was linux performance monitoring and tuning, while
> another was more general linux development topics (userspace
> development, debugging, utilities like readelf and objdump, and so
> on).  nothing's been finalized yet, so i thought i'd ask -- what
> "theme" would most appeal to the general kwlug readership?  what
> specifically would make you want to keep coming back to read the next
> installment?
>   this doesn't mean i have the gig yet, it just means i'm trying to
> figure out what would grab the largest audience.
> rday
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