[kwlug-disc] an appealing theme for a weekly blog post?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu May 7 13:16:51 EDT 2009

  hard as it may be to believe, i've been asked by the senior software
editor at "linux magazine" whether i'd be interested in writing a
weekly blog on some TBD topic.  i originally suggested a "kernel
newbies" column, which would -- each week -- explain a specific kernel
programming feature, accompanied by actual code so that the reader
could see the code in action.  that is, rather than an arm-waving
presentation (which certainly has value all by itself), the emphasis
would be on things people could compile and run.

  another theme was linux performance monitoring and tuning, while
another was more general linux development topics (userspace
development, debugging, utilities like readelf and objdump, and so
on).  nothing's been finalized yet, so i thought i'd ask -- what
"theme" would most appeal to the general kwlug readership?  what
specifically would make you want to keep coming back to read the next

  this doesn't mean i have the gig yet, it just means i'm trying to
figure out what would grab the largest audience.


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