[kwlug-disc] Open Source intro handout

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Sat May 2 22:10:33 EDT 2009

Paul Nijjar wrote, On 04/30/2009 1:19 AM:
> I also think that professionalism is overrated. It has never served me
> well, in any case.

I disagree with you Paul. I have continuously observed a level of 
professionalism in you that I can only hope to aspire to. I expect 
others will agree. To me, it has served you very well.

I don't personally think professionalism can be overrated. It does 
depend upon the two sides whom are communicating, though. For an 
'everyman' type of presentation this thread is about, even a really 
slick slide show could come across as smarmy.

Professionalism can come across as snake oil, condescending, or 
sanctimonious. When it does, I don't think it's professionalism any 
more, it's personality, and should be treated accordingly.

It's also easy, as computer 'geeks', to overwhelm those who don't 
really care about computers as other than tools to read e-mail and so 
on, with our enthusiasm. Something we should all struggle with to be 
constantly aware of.

Dear Reader (EXCEPT FOR PAUL!) - don't let this be the only lone voice 
from the wilderness. If you dis/agree with Paul's statement above - 
chime in. I, for one, am very glad Paul is here, with his 
professionalism. It serves him well.

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